6 Moving, Unmissable Movies To Watch (now on Netflix)

No matter the setting or scenario, movies can be epic arenas for our hearts and minds to journey through, rather than just more cheesy CGI action that drowns out any storyline or content.


With a bit of patience, the following roundup should all prove to be rewarding experiences to shake or stir up the soul. They may leave you enlightened or recharged with fresh references to draw upon and a more positive outlook towards any troubles that may be featuring in your own life.


These artful, careful depictions of struggle and endurance, relationships, humor and heart can jostle us into renewed enthusiasm (and inspiration) for tomorrow; with the power, even, to make it a better one. The following are available on Netflix right now...




Finally a cool jazz music film. However, jazz music features less than the riveting and controversial relationship between the band teacher and a very dedicated but untested student drummer. What follows is blood, sweat and tears as both push each other with the aim to coax the best possible performance out of the student. The camera-work closely highlights the different perspectives and preoccupations of the student character's thoughts and observations, allowing us to empathise and appreciate how important it all seems. Warning! This is not just for musicians but for every student with a passion to become something more. It's incredible. (Read more at Everipedia).





Trouble with the Curve


Clint Eastwood is back again in a really strong film he carries like only he can, as an aloof central figure balancing the other characters and themes in his orbit, and lending them greater significance and weight. The actress playing his daughter also carries the film, where she decides to pay him a visit at last. We get a medley of moments all the way, from surprisingly humorous ones, to sincere and hidden truths coming to light, memories long-buried, and generations clashing with the strength of advanced experience coming up against a younger, more arrogant (and ignorant) youth. However, this film shows how bridges between such divides can still be formed and lead back towards love and reconciliation. (Read more at Everipedia).






One for the ladies, but also for the gents, as the interest never wains, as we watch to see the main character hopefully get settled and find happiness despite all the apparent flaws of the men and women around her. The cynical comedy is carried flawlessly by the writer and star of all this, even as she undergoes hardship and change, and discovers her own flaws. The ending can only be described as spectacular, memorable and romantic. You can only admire how this production taps into the post-modern, city-bound age and certain stereotypes making their way through it. (Read more at Everipedia).





Io as in one of the moons of Jupiter, where, allegedly, a better life awaits among those who've been escaping from Earth since its severe poisoning. This is more a spiritual exploration of what life is about, from a context of isolation and yet attachment to our planet. This is portrayed through one scientist woman suffering self-denial (it seems), as she seems determined to stay on Earth, even alone. We can't be sure if she's not quite right about her love for the Earth. Will she abandon it in the end? It's true that this is a little like The Martian, only hauntingly in reverse. (Read more at Wikipedia).




Operation Finale


It's good to see Oscar Isaac (from the new Star Wars films) in a different context and he delivers in this film brilliantly. It's not all dark, but it's pretty intense as we discover the history and importance of the mission that tracked down one of the most culpable figures of the holocaust during World War 2. However, it's far from celebratory, as the grey or bittersweet aspects of the whole case concerning this infamous figure and his role, are also well touched upon. (Read more at Wikipedia).






This might be a more uplifting (true) story from World War 2, but not before we get put through the grinder. Prepare to get taken on a very realistic and gruelling series of hardships. It all begins inside a B52(?) bomber with a flight crew over the Pacific ocean. Once again, the main perspective or POV, of the main protagonist, is carefully, closely portrayed, with impressive direction by Angelina Jolie. All the actors involved do a fine job with a particularly tough scenario. 


They've even made a second film about this former serviceman's life as an athlete after the war, which might add further interest, but we're not sure it can compete with this extensive and intense biopic. (Read more at Everipedia).



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