The Outpost 9 : ep 1, a retro horror game which has it all!

The Outpost Nine, episode 1 released end of July was developed by Benjy Bates. This is another Indie game we just had to try for ourselves!


This game is like opening a book in which you are the hero. Remember those books (‘Fighting Fantasy’) you used to borrow from the library? Well, it’s a similar experience. And what an experience! And, let me tell you, if you’re a fan of Aliens and other such 1980s retro horror sci-fi masterpieces, then this will appeal even more.


The Gameplay


In this first episode, we have 2 chapters. While in the first one the characters will be introduced, the gameplay really kicks in in chapter 2.  


Command your character around, investigate areas, objects, and interact with other characters. Those are the common features of any game. So what’s the difference here? Well, we have nearly everything here. You’ll find yourself watching some cutscenes, deciding on your hero’s moves using point and click and a menu, solving puzzles… The visuals are stark but impressive, and the sound adds to the worrying atmosphere of the whole game.


The Story


In Outpost Nine, episode 1, we are following eight crew members on a mining station, until they find two pilots… or what was left of them… Their only aim now then is to get through the station and send out a life-saving distress signal.


Benjy Bates has managed to create an amazing story with interesting characters and a horror atmosphere. We are gripped from beginning to end! But this is definitely not for light hearted gamers.


The design


The design adds to the story and the dimension Benjy wanted to create. The classic feel to this game is refreshing and yet brings even more of a horror feel. We’re transported back into the 80s via the CRT monitor and the frankly amazing use of dot matrix or bitmap graphics.

The Outpost Nine, episode 1, is definitely a classic game in which the story dominates. Looking forward to episode 2!

The best place to play this game, would be in an abandoned old factory, at night, headphones firmly on… Will YOU be brave enough to play this simple yet stunning game?


Buy on Steam here