The Top 4 Free-to-Play Action Games in 2019

These days there are screen-loads of free-to-play games appearing out there, not just Fortnite: Battle Royale or Apex Legends. But which ones have stood the test of time and still prove popular today? Gone are the days when “Free-to-play” signaled a reduction in quality when compared to full-priced titles. In fact, these days they can be cutting-edge multiplayer arenas completely designed to draw you quickly into their slick graphical engines and enticing power-ups. They’re also battle-tested and available on most gaming systems, honed and patched up over many years to prepare you for facing-off against players of the same rank, forging either fast alliances or sudden enemies within the first half hour of loading up.


So, if you’re looking for some top, all-round action, here are some recommended picks here in 2019:





This is still one to show off the powers of the PS4 and Xbox One, since it makes such good use of them, but also your PC. What’s so great about the gameplay in Warframe? Only the numerous customization options for modifying weapons and of course your “Warframe” itself. This will enable you to match your selections with your particular playstyle. You’ll enjoy flying your own spaceship between missions, before touching down on foot with the choice of seven parkour moves. These unleash a brazen experience of exploration as well as surprise enemy attacks.


Like a very pleasing, artistic offspring of Mass Effect and Halo, Warframe still impresses with its martial-arts action combat. It’s got the user-base history to prove it; over 26 million gamers have so far played it.





The original World of Tanks has inspired many similar titles aimed directly at the experience of fierce naval and air battles, but nothing can quite compare with the intensity of the warfare WoT can generate.


The motivation to succeed is well integrated by the in-game currency reward system which will grant quick access to special vehicles and upgrades.


A well-written guide on the official website gets you off to a good start in your first tank, from any of the available classes. Rather handy advice includes how to keep your vehicle in one piece throughout the first few matches. Later, when you feel more in tune with combat, you’ll be ready to join a clan and try taking control of the ‘global map’. It’ll be something to boast about for years.


And so what about the renowned multiplayer matches? Indeed, they are massive, with global teams constantly wrestling to achieve tactical advantages over each other while blasting off long-range shots, performing flanking manoeuvers and protecting allies. It can be pure mayhem. The nice variation between tanks involves about a dozen types of armored plating, that each has their unique level of protection against assaulting fire. You’re going to need it.





Relocate World of Tanks to the open sea and you have World of Warships, and that’s a fine thing. Still going strong with the recent release of Legends edition for PS4 and XboX, historic naval ship combat has never been so alive today. There’s plenty of blasting, but also plenty of strategy with very deep levels of customisation. There are four types of ship to select: cruisers, battleships, destroyers or aircraft carriers, along with multiple game modes. The latter includes PvE Operations (Player versus Environment) or against other players in PvP. It’s a great mix of gameplay and open water simulation strategy, with a strong community. However, for those a little sea-sick you can always take to the air with the equally strong sister title that features many similar elements: World of Warplanes. It admirably re-creates so many aircraft and fills the sky to this day with players. The maps are based on real-world locations and options for teamwork make for rich, compelling gameplay.





However, for an even more accessible WWII combat flight simulator, War Thunder is said to be the best overall. Perhaps this is due to the wide option it allows for either serious simulation or sheer, arcade accessibility. The simulation is more for pros obviously, where flying can be more complicated. Whatever the case, World War 2 is in full swing, and you can choose to try your hand at the controls of planes from five world powers. When you’re feeling ready, you can enter the fray online, and compete in either massive 16v16 dogfights or objective-based missions. It’s quite something to find yourself up in the clouds, surrounded by so many other players. It’s also possible to drive tanks and anti-aircraft vehicles in the game. As ever with free-to-play, it can take longer to unlock important new content, while unlocking with real money and supporting the game itself, provides instant perks and access to new planes.