Özil to join the eSport game!

Özil is creating his own esport team and is looking out for top FIFA players!


As you know, there has been quite a fuss surrounding Özil after the World Cup earlier this year, as he claims he received some racist comments after Germany was eliminated from the World Cup.


While his dad was born is Turkey, Özil has lived in Germany since he was 2 years old, and holds the German nationality. However, he was highly criticized after Germany drastically lost in the qualifiers, something which hasn’t happened in 80 years!


Özil, who was best German player in 2016 and won the world cup in 2014, decided to quit international football. Although, he turns his back on the Mannschaft, he doesn’t give up on sport completely!



Newly retired, Mesut has recently announced on Twitter that he is teaming up with eSportReputation to create his own FIFA team with them! This is quite exciting. Esport is developing very fast and is a growing activity, but it’s a far cry from the physical demands of real sport. So, is this a new challenge for Özil, or is this just a marketing strategy?

Some retired football players go on to becoming actors, others stay within the sport industry and become a coach or presenter for example. Özil seems to have chosen a new direction. Will he be “sweating” for this new team as he has done for Arsenal or for the German national team?


Esport is in fact now considered a “normal” sport in some countries, and will join the Olympics in 2024. So indeed this might actually be a way for Özil to become the next - or first - FIFA Olympic champion! But, it may also be just a case of having a bit of fun after the experience he’s just had.



Time will tell! But we’re very excited to see what will become of the Özil team, and who his team members will be! And, who knows, maybe in the future we’ll also have a Ronaldo FIFA team!