My Free Zoo

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My Free Zoo is a very accessible, family browser game for keeping and designing your very own Zoo Empire! Becoming the best zoo director of all time, may take a bit of time...

About My Free Zoo

At My Free Zoo, you'll play the chief of the Zoo as the zoo's on-hand zoologist. Put your ideas into practice, take care of pets and build a great zoo, that no one has ever seen before!

In this extremely fun browser game, you'll be offered various possibilities to operate your virtual zoo, from taking care of animals (feeding, entertaining), to working with friends through interesting organizational challenges. It's also possible to plant trees, flowers, care for them, and to vary the appearance of your zoo through various decorations and colorful accessories.

The role of Zoo Director at My Free Zoo will allow you to manage this complex institution full of exotic animals and vegetation. At any time you can remodel your garden, adjust it to the needs of visitors or completely change its nature. You will modify the catwalk for animals, decide on what elements it is to be built, and more besides, and you will have an influence on what animals live there.

From the moment you reach level 15, you can join an existing organization or set up your own - the decision is yours. Remember that the cost of establishing your own organization is 250,000 ZD (the valid currency at My Free Zoo). These organizations connect My Free Zoo players and will allow you to collect common ideas and improved cooperation between zoological directors.

My Free Zoo is a browser game available completely free, and has been around since 2006, thanks to which it managed to gather millions of players from around the world. Join them and lose yourself in the captivating zoo experience online.

First you'll need to construct enclosures, lay paths and populate your zoo with flowers, trees and a large array of exotic animals. You'll need to put all the necessary equipment in the enclosures to keep the animals inside happy and healthy. You can even breed cute new baby ones!

Ensure the inhabitants of your zoo feel at home, just like your visitors, because a happy browser-zoo makes for a successful one.... Build souvenir shops and Take-Aways and choose from a vast selection of decorations.

The more you expand your park of animals, the more visitors will come pouring into your zoo. This in turn will increase your revenues of zoo dollars. MyFreeZoo can be played entirely for free here via Gaming Impact. Why not start exploring the carefully developed zoo-simulation made by top game producers Upjers today?