Family Barn

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Build your dream ranch with Family Barn! In this completely customizable farming simulator game you can choose to fill your farm with just harvestable crops, or take care of livestock and make animal products or do a bit of both! Reach goals while leveling up to unlock fun and challenging tasks. Share or trade useful goods with friends and neighbors or save up to be self-sufficient. Different ranches can be unlocked such as a garden ranch and a water ranch, each uniquely themed. A lot of discovery awaits you on your own personal estate!

About Family Barn

What do you know about rural life? If the answer is not much, then you have a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the charms of rural life!

Find out what ingredients are needed to make bread, learn to collect honey, produce lots of goodies and bring your farm to prosperity.

In the game you have plenty of options for expanding and decorating your farm. Only your imagination can place limits on what your village will look like. Collect coins, modernize buildings and become a real village administrator! Everything is possible in Family Barn!

Starting a game at Family Barn is very easy because the game makes it simple for new players to play with a really good sequence of tutorials that includes the first few tasks / tasks in the game. These tutorials end quite quickly and are quite satisfying, so they're a great way to get to know the game without wasting too much time, and to get extra currency at an early stage.

In terms of gameplay, Family Barn definitely hits the mark. The game is able to provide all the things that make a game on the farm great, such as lots of crop varieties, lots of animals that you can walk around your farm producing products and of course the opportunity to sell any products for extra money. There is also the option of expanding the farm even more if you run out of space and still want to develop it further.

You will find that the usual social functions usually found in farm games like visiting your friends' farms and helping out in many different ways, such as harvesting or feeding animals. Taking everything into account, and although it may not bring anything new or innovative to offer in terms of features, the fact that the game plays so well in single-player, makes it alone worthwhile.

Turning to the visual aspect, the Family Barn is a gorgeous title to look at. The graphics are at the highest level and the animations are really smooth. Bright colors make elements look much more attractive and there are many dynamic aspects that make the game seem more realistic and addictive.

So let's get farming! There are so many surprises to be unlocked, as long as you prove yourself to be a worthy and attentive farmer!