My Little Farmies

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My Little Farmies is another top browser game from Upjers. It's a graphically rich, totally absorbing tycoon / management game, enabling you to build up and oversee your very own virtual village and community from the ground up!

About My Little Farmies

Ever dreamed of owning and running your very own farm and community? Now here is the chance! Here you will be challenged with taking care of your farm's agriculture by planting crops like cereal, fruits, trees and veggies, and then processing the yield in numerous production buildings, from flour mills to juice presses or dairy buildings. It's a game to help in understanding where all such food comes from.

Upgrade your farm: Run out of space? You can increase its size gradually and make more room for things like land, factories and landscaping features!

More points via quests: Throughout the game, you might receive small jobs requiring you to plant or construct things. You can gain additional XP if you solve them.

Agriculture and husbandry: What would a farm be without animals? A lot less interesting and a lot less productive. Aside from the planing and processing elements, My Little Farmies incorporates sophisticated animal-raising simulation and even some breeding. Yes, you can even produce sweet baby animals for your farm!

My Little Farmies provides a multitude of very rustic features and decision-making experiences - and it's totally free to play! Experience the beguiling, charming world of farm and tycoon games. See how the game compares with other, similar titles.

So.... why not take yourself back to medieval, rural days and try your hand at the many different tasks and activities facing such communities as you struggle to become nicely well-off and over-fed!