Charm Farm

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The guardian fairy Kaya needs your help! The evil sorcerer Garp has come to attack the Magical Forest. You must protect the whimsical forest and all its adorable creatures! As the enchanter in Charm Farm, it is your job is to control Shmoos in helping keep the Magical Forest strong and healthy. Complete quests, plant and farm kooky crops, use magic spells, and much more to help Kaya keep the fairy tale world in peace.

About Charm Farm

Charm Farm is a really fun and unique farming game based on the Facebook ones, which combines traditional concepts of farming games with magical elements to get a clear and fresh experience. And this is how it is, because this game is very refreshing and differs significantly from most games of this type.

Starting out at Charm Farm, we'll watch a small movie cut-scene that introduces us to the game and presents an interesting story, followed by the real game with a tutorial designed step by step teach us all the necessary basics and game controls. During the tutorial sequences we will also get a fair deal of money; a reward that is a great gift to start the game.

The plot of Charm Farm tells the story where once a peaceful forest was guarded by a fairy named Kaya. Everything was peaceful and harmonious until Garp, the evil wizard and his army attacked the forest that took Kaya and panicked the locals. Kaya is now looking for our help to bring the whole area back to its once calm and beautiful state.

The Charm Farm game is slightly different from traditional farm games. The first important change you will notice is that all tasks that need doing, such as structuring, planting, harvesting and related things, must be done by employees known as Shmoos. Thanks to this, you'll not get bored!