My Hospital

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You’ve found your antidote with My Hospital! Build, customize and manage your very own hospital campus equipped with emergency rooms, doctors clinics, laboratories and more in this medical simulation game. Assist and treat patients whacky sicknesses by creating panacea elixirs with eccentric tools and harvest-able healing plants. Play with friends around the world to buy and sell supplies and cure your way to the top!

About My Hospital

My Hospital is a typical Tycoon game in which you are a novice owner of a small hospital (although for now only walls and floors). Your task is to create the best possible hospital and help people with their different kind of ailments.

Open new branches, employ doctors and medical staff, work in the laboratory on new drugs and vaccines, and of course expand the hospital to its limits! In exchange for help, patients will gladly pay you, so do not hesitate to invest in new branches and medicines. Show NFZ how it's done!

Cure people from the strangest and funniest diseases in My Hospital - the best simulation game in which you design, manage and maintain your own medical center!

Create potions, collect your own healing plants and produce medicines for hundreds of patients who need your help. It's a world where panacea rules and every treatment is available at your fingertips!

Although My Hospital is the same as any hospital management game, it is a unique combination of simulation / business / agriculture games.

Why? Well, in addition to managing the hospital in the form of building your own treatment center and creating your own medicines, you will be able to plant and grow your own medical plants. After that you can use medicinal plants to produce potions or elixirs, which can also be traded in the store. So you'll be able to do a lot more than you ever expected! Connect with other players online from around the world and exchange supplies to 'cure' a well-respected path to becoming known as the top hospital... or hopefully not the worst!