Indy Cat

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Travel a massive exotic world with your feline friend Indy in Indy Cat, a fun and addictive match 3 puzzle game! Adventure with Indy to retrieve his long sought-after artifact, the Ball of Fate. Match adjacent colorful gems in purr-fect strategic order to progress to new challenging puzzles. In each unique chapter, Indy must piece together valuable treasured relics. Only with your help Indy and his assistant find the Ball of Fate through all the glitz and glamour of the exploding gems!

About Indy Cat

Indy Cat is a 3-in-a-row match type game, ie. the purr-est pleasure! Help Indy Cat find the ball of destiny! A long journey lies ahead of you with more than 1,500 levels that lead through beautiful landscapes and picturesque cities! To get to the next level, you just have to collect the right number of points. Simple? Of course, yes, but what a pleasant one!

Indy Cat is a game belonging to that popular genre of three-in-a-row. Help Indy Cat find the magic ball of Fate! The story is short and simple, but that's the point! Complete levels, create correct gem combinations and solve puzzles. Indy Cat is a completely free game, but some elements of the game such as moves and lives can be bought for real money, although this is not of course required to enjoy the game.

Check it out for yourself! Enter the game and find out that a treasure hunt does not need to be tedious or boring!