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Journey into your wildest world of imagination in Dreamfields. An adventure awaits you in your own customizable fantasy forest farming simulator assisted by very talented bears, that of course do not work for free but do help you with tasks such as chopping down wood or collecting crops. Clearing out your forest is essential to unlocking a massive world of exploration. Play with friends to unlock more rewards or fly to each other’s dream to assist in farming! Now to relax and enjoy the tranquil sounds and scene of your very own dream.

About Dreamfields

A great resource-management game for kids! Dreamfields is a high quality game devoted to farming and is undoubtedly one of the most unique items of the genre. The most important thing that distinguishes it from other games is the fact that it's not limited by "reality". The premise of the game is that it takes place completely in dreams, so nothing is impossible, and this leads to really immersive gameplay features.

Don't worry! Some very talented bears will be there to meet you and assist. You can unlock a huge world of adventure as soon as you've cleared out your forest. Play with friends to unlock greater rewards or fly into each other’s dream-realm to help out in farming! Or else, take it easy and delight in the tranquil sounds and scenery of your very own dream.

One of the biggest attractions of Dreamfields is that it makes every effort to ensure that new players understand the basics of the game. It welcomes new players with a lot of tutorial tasks that you can complete to learn a quick grasp, as well as get quite useful bonuses such as experience and currency. The tutorial can be omitted, which is an advantage many veterans may appreciate who are already familiar with these type of games.

As for the gameplay, in fact it is a mix of traditional farming elements, as well as several new fantasy elements. The main goal is the same as always, which, of course, begins with a small settlement and eventually transforms into the largest and most prosperous farm that ever existed. There is a lot to do in the game and there is a really well-functioning task system that assigns us things to do to ensure there will never be a boring moment throughout the experience!