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Uptasia lets you be the founder of your own production business, and maybe... empire! Maybe you also love find-and-click puzzle games? Well this combines both into one....

About Uptasia

Upstasia... a fascinating, stimulating browser experience that mixes point-and-click puzzle finding with entertaining business management, plus a good dose of history.

But it means starting small, setting up the stalls to feature in your market place - starting with bread rolls - and then selling your goods to your customers. Entertaining hidden object games can be enjoyed free-to-play as with each level-up, you may play even trickier ones. The varied game Uptasia at the same time lets you foster your own economic empire. Throughout the game, you will position a variety of production buildings and factories on your map, produce goods, and then sell them.

You can keep your production sites running by mining stone and wood as resources. On top of that, you’ve got access to another great feature: the villa. Your challenge here is to solve hidden object puzzles: find a variety of items hidden in a picture within 60 seconds, and find them by clicking. Accuracy and speed count and will gain you more bonus points. If you click a wrong item, the remaining time will be reduced.

Uptasia lets you experience hidden puzzle games in this detailed, atmospheric setting. You will find yourself transported to the 19th century. Explore the idyllic landscape, thriving market squares, and plush houses. Give it a go, and discover one of the perks of playing games: being able to play hidden puzzle games online and for free combined with all this captivating undercurrent of intent and purpose.

All you need is a portal account on Upjers.com, and you can start delving into the fascinating world of hidden object games online.

Join up - and join in - the fun today for free!