Farm Days

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Howdy neighbor, get to fixin’ your farm to its once former glory by planting and harvesting crops, restoring helpful buildings, taking care of livestock and much more in Farm Days. If y’all ever need any help your friendly neighbor Mary or friends can assist! Head on over to the order board to make a quick buck or take on a challenge with the special assignments. You’uns don’t be shy now!

About Farm Days

In Farm Days, your task will be to restore the former splendor of a farm you've inherited. At the very beginning you arrive at a place that is practically a ruin, but thanks a spot of diligence, you can quickly turn things around, get it back on its feet and even start gaining profits from it. However, all in good time.

The main goal of Farm Days is to build a farm by earning money, buying new buildings, earning experience points and slowly unlocking content and more advanced crops, trees and structures to improve your farm. Manage your time and resources, trying to earn money and develop as much as possible.

The game works in a production cycle in which players can create items that can be used in tasks, sell in markets or in orders to get gold income. However, many elements can also be applied to create a self-sufficient farm that is supported. Starting from a single field of wheat and a well collecting water from players, you can grow wheat cereals; a versatile raw material that can be sold or transported to a mill and converted into various products: flour for baking or feed for farm animals. As a feed for chickens or cows, you can feed your animals and then produce eggs and milk and more goods that you can sell. Or, you can continue to use the flour to prepare different cakes and cakes in the bakery depending on the type of ingredient obtained from other plants and trees such as pumpkins, plums, strawberries and many more.

The premium currency in the game is called Farm Bucks and acts as an additional currency for gold, so players can help speed up the game by speeding up the completion of building structures, cultivating plants or creating objects, enabling faster progress. There are orders on the board waiting for you to earn, or a bigger challenge with special assignments.

Don't feel lost or overwhelmed! Your friendly neighbor Mary - or your friends - will be on hand to assist.