Golden Acres

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Assist your quirky goat uncle in building his farm from the ground up in Golden Acres! Start with limited options such as a small number of crops to grow then progress to a huge farm filled with animal pens, production buildings and much more. Complete order requests on the Board of Orders or sell produces to visiting guests! The unique click and drag mechanic farming technique is very satisfying and addicting and the easy to use interface never feels cluttered. Visit neighboring friends and purchase their goods or just visit the Stock News to purchase other players' items in your own farm. There is much to customize and unlock on your farm, and much to explore!

About Golden Acres

Golden Acres is a farm simulator, where your task will be to help your uncle Fredek to rebuild his wonderful farm. The rules are very simple and the game is extremely addictive!

You can repair old damaged buildings and build new ones, plant various crops, grow animals, harvest crops and sell them at a profit.

Even if you do not have experience in farming games, do not worry because Golden Acres has perhaps one of the most in-depth tutorials we've seen in a farming game. The tutorial is run step by step, is easy to learn, and although it may take a long time, is definitely well worth it, because it will teach you everything you need to know about the game.

In terms of gameplay, Golden Acres does not have any complex features that populate elaborate modern farm games, but on the other hand it has all the great features and gameplay elements that have always been the basic game genre, down on the farm. There are a lot of different crops that you can plant on your farm, as well as a lot of different buildings, enabling players to turn their harvested resources into appropriate products that can be sold at good prices. The game also offers a class system that provides you with things to do to ensure everyone has a sense of direction.

Golden Acres also has the best social features that so many players have adored over the years. If you have friends who also play, you can view all of them, and can directly visit their farms on this list. When you are on a friend's farm, you can help in various ways, such as watering plants or collecting those that have already grown. We strongly recommend that you take the time to help your friends whenever possible, because you will get huge rewards for it, and these can certainly help in the further development of the farm.

In fact, you shouldn't hang around, but start helping out your uncle today, down on Golden Acres!