Greedy Gods

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Become a god and smite those around you in Greedy Gods! Build up your own tiny mythological land themed from Ancient Greece. Spin a wheel to get the chance of attacking a neighboring god’s island, steal their earnings, shield your own island from attacks, or earn gold to unlock new architecture for your island. Gold is the most important thing in this game and you’ll need lots of it, so spend smartly and make your own a legend!

About Greedy Gods

Greedy Gods is a simple game where the goal is to expand your tiny island. To do this you have to spin the wheel of fortune, which pops out money, with which you can buy buildings, and later improvements. In addition, you can even draw points of attack on the neighboring island, where you'll then play a simple arcade game that can throw your opponent out of money, plus draw defense points that will help you survive retaliation.

So, have you ever wanted to build your own heavenly kingdom? Greedy Gods lets you do it! Spin the wheel of fate to collect various rewards and actions. Prizes include gold loans and shields, and shares that include attacking and theft. Attack hostile islands and steal their gold! To steal hostile gold, you must fill up with incremental energy to trigger a devastating attack. Alternatively, to attack an enemy, you must select the item in your base to aim with.

Different items can be built on the island, including a sailing boat, a Trojan horse and a temple. Each item can be upgraded using the gold you earn from the wheel of fate. More turns generate fortunes on the steering wheel every hour, so make sure you keep checking the game! Will you become a greedy god and create a real paradise on the island?

Your goal is to greedily maximize the size of your island. Do not wait, do it now! Have a bit of pure, glorious fun once in a while!