Dining Zoo

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Oh no, a UFO did something to the Earth… Everyone has become an animal! It’s time to be a hero the world needs and… Cook delicious food! Start your very own restaurant, hire a menagerie of staff to help you make tons tasty dishes, customize your establishment, and unlock cool new locations to expand your empire. Don’t forget to stock up on supplies and visit friend’s restaurants to purchase yummy ingredients or delectable dishes. Make sure to be prepared for the Milinche Inspector who rates your restaurant. Happy customers will be sure to leave bigger tips, so why not have them leave on a full belly so you don’t go belly up!

About Dining Zoo

Dining Zoo is an amazing game based on restaurants, which takes place in a world where every person has been transformed into an animal! This game has such a unique setting, top game-play and the best visual effects, so once you choose to play, you'll be hooked.

One of the really impressive things about Dining Zoo is the fact that the game starts with an incredibly detailed sequence of tutorials, developed specifically to teach players the basics of the game. The tutorial is a step-by-step guide, so it's easy to follow it, and by the time you complete every task you're given, you'll have a deep awareness of the game and will be able to go through the entire game without any problems.

Dining Zoo gameplay is a mix of time management and restaurant. The game revolves around building restaurants and handling all animal customers who come in. I would like to emphasize that this is definitely one of the most difficult games of this kind, because for some reason the restaurant will always be crowded with customers, with a customer line overflowing into the waiting room. Because of this insane number of customers, you need to make sure you always play quickly and efficiently because you can't lose a second as it may mean the difference between a contented or angry customer!