Knights and Brides

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Hear ye, hear ye! Gather around noble knights and honorable dames, it’s time to build your dream kingdom from the ground up in Knights and Brides! Customize your character, battle fellow players with abilities in the Arena Games, plant and harvest crops, complete quests and handbooks, travel a massive world and much more. There is much to explore in this huge adventure simulation game!

About Knights and Brides

In Knights and Brides you'll find everything you can expect from a browser game where you must manage your farm. Here it's the same. Modernize buildings, collect resources, create various items, enlarge the territory of your settlement, visit various picturesque corners of the map and do everything to win the heart of the princess! What are you waiting for?

When you start the game, Knights and Brides will put you through a brief phase of tutorials, as the game helps you into something new just like what is seen on similar titles present on Facebook today. The details of the tutorial are very intuitive and helpful. Quests to which you are assigned during the tutorial must be completed and cannot be omitted so you know how to navigate around the different areas of the game and become familiar with all the kinds of things you may encounter later. In any case, there are about 10 to 15 minutes of tutorials before playing. Fortunately, the tasks to perform are quite easy and very satisfying.

The Knights and Brides game is quite complicated to discuss. Especially that two types of characters (Knight / Bride) perform two different active roles in the game. If you're playing a knight, for example, you have to focus on the details of the tournaments. Therefore, the farming game layer is kept to a minimum. On the other hand, Brides in the game use their magic to create a wonderful farm, produce valuable resources and strengthen their partners in the game.

Tasks are passed through the game when you tick off ones you are currently undertaking. Each of them offers the right reward after achieving the required goals. The game fully equips itself with its own populating phase, in which everything you'll need to do to make progress is done by itself. Objects in your camp, for example, are made by acquiring specific objects that can only be obtained by combining agriculture, feeding, mining and scrubbing for various resources in this camp.

Every budding knight or bride are sure to be fascinated by this chivalrous game, where quests pull you deeper and deeper into the adventure which will benefit your own kingdom more and more. Even the Arena Games await, where you can challenge fellow players directly.