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Work your way up to stardom in Smeet, a massive 3D social multiplayer game. Create your own unique character, rooms, pets, and style. Complete quests and activities to advance in the world. Chat, explore a huge world, play mini games, share music, watch videos and do so much more with other active players. You never know who you may Smeet!

About Smeet

Smeet - Sims-style simulator of life in which we take control over our virtual character and lead it through life. In this browser game, you can become who you want, if it's related to fashion. You have the opportunity to buy hundreds of clothes and accessories for money that you will have to earn by working hard in the quarries: D In fact, you have a lot of simple points & click tasks, so it will not be that hard;) In the game you also need to maintain a social relationship with other "sims" are very important because the more friends we have, the sooner you can succeed. Almost like in the real world.

When you enter the three-dimensional world of Smeet, you will get the opportunity to customize your appearance and visit a 3D home! After brief instructions on moving your avatar, you will get a free hand to discover a new home, as well as a series of tasks that will help you learn basic controls and set off for a good start in Smeet.

When you check your virtual home you will realize that there are many things that are interactive. Some of them will produce daily free Dimes - This is the currency of the game, which you will use a lot; some of them will produce boosters, which in turn will allow you to perform many activities, such as watering plants in your garden or performing activities to collect or collect ingredients; and some of them will give you Fame Points that you will need to gain new levels and unlock new rooms for your 3D home.

Being a social game, you'll be able to meet and talk to cool and new people. There are also many things to do with newly discovered friends in Smeet. You can upload video to one of the screens in the room and watch the movie together. You can also watch live events online, solve puzzles or do tasks side by side!