My Free Farm 2

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Build up your own farm and become the best farmer of all time! With more than 11 million players, My Free Farm is developer Upjers’ most successful game. With such a multitude of players, you’re sure to learn loads of tips from your fellow players in the forum. At the beginning, just go wild, and make sure you keep things watered. In My Free Farm, you’ll slip into the muddy boots of a farmer and set up your own farm. Commence with the basics of prosperous agriculture: planting, watering and harvesting. But there are many challenges you’ll need to steer through on the path to the highly-prized “Cesare di Cereale,” the top level in the free browser game My Free Farm. Muck in!

About My Free Farm 2

My Free Farm 2 is an exciting game about a farm that is not afraid to jump into the future and implement new features that are certain to raise the genre of farm games to a new level. Most farming games tend to stick to a tried-and-true formula that has been popular for many years, because it leads to quite decent games, but this one changes a few things that makes the experience fresher and more addictive.

Diversity is also important in agricultural games, and My Free Farm 2 offers quite a lot. There are many different structures to construct, each with a different purpose. There are many different types of plants that can be planted and in general it is definitely one of the better breeding games with a higher quality when it comes to diversity. It is also top-notch at the technical level, because there are almost no errors or bugs that could in any way interfere with the experience.

So... it's time to spit on those too-clean hands of yours and get down to weeding! Uproot stones, tree stumps and even bugs. That should provide more space to plan all kinds of crops, such as carrots, cucumbers, or wheat, just to name several. You can purchase the necessary seeds at the seed vendor in Mootown, the first village featured in the game. At level 8, you’ll be able to visit Pondsville, the second village in this farm game.

More features: "Cultivate fruits and veggies or daisies to feed your geese! Design your own showcase farm and settle down on the lush lawn under a rose arch! Trade with other players on the market place of picturesque Mootown, book adverts for the advertising column to get extra farm-customers and shop till you drop at the local hardware store! Found a Farmers' Club and play alongside your friends. Join forces and pimp up your club-house by completing quests! Compete against other clubs in competitions and build giant wooden animals! From a seriously cult cuckoo clock to state-of-the-art hologram table - furnish your farm-house in your own individual style. Get yourself cute event-pets and seasonal decorations! Saw, hammer and carve planks, vegetable crates, wooden spoons and brooms in your very own forestry! Build your own farm-house floor and your rocking-horse do-it-yourself-style!"

Can you reach the much-prized 'Cesare di Cereale', the highest level in this most successful browser game from Upjers?

It doesn't matter where in the game you’re looking or relaxing, be it on your farm or off in Mootown, tons of amusing and stimulating things will give you a rich, heady taste of life on the farm!