Royal Story

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Restore your kingdom to its former glory after the evil queen caused a huge disaster upon all the land! In Royal Story, customize your avatar and work your way to reestablish your kingdom by harvesting crops, feeding animals, and helping the wilderness. Complete tasks to collect stickers to continue the enchanting story book that tells your adventurous tale. Play with friends around the world to increase your mystical rewards!

About Royal Story

Create your own Royal Story and build a kingdom like a fairy tale! To create your dream land, however, you'll have to put some work in. The rules, however, are very easy and accessible for everyone. Build castles, grow and collect plants and shrubs, modernize buildings and do everything in your power to let everyone who visits your kingdom leave with open mouths.

Royal Story tries to implement a story, but it's not the most impressive aspect of the game, which are its features. In short, you play the role of a prince or princess who is trying to rebuild your empire as soon as possible.

To do this, you need to take care of many mundane tasks, such as clearing the ground, looking after the animals, making coffee, plating the crops, harvesting and so on. Everything you grow can be sold for coins, which in turn can be used to buy buildings, resources and so on.

The economy of the game is surprisingly good and certainly adds a lot to the feel of the game. On the other hand, you are stuck on your part of the world for a very long time before something interesting happens, because you will always be guided through quests. Sometimes, however, these missions will not be exactly what you want to do to expand your kingdom.

Even so, the missions are different and you will have great fun. During the game, you also get a lot of prizes, most of which are awarded at certain key moments of the game, for example to get a new level.

You can expand your land using the money you will gain from selling your crops and other things produced in the kingdom. Since Royal Story is a free game, you have the option of paying real money for in-game items in this case of rubies. These rubies can be used to unlock special items, speed up the construction process, etc. Over time, you get free rubies, but you can't acquire them quickly, because it takes more work. However, it's work that pays off. Royal Story also gives you the choice to play with friends around the world to increase reward times.

Will you be proud of your kingdom once more, and defy the evil queen who has cursed it? Make haste!