Dynamons Evolution

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Do you have what it takes to become the next best Dynamons Captain? In Dynamons Evolution adventure into a huge fantasy world and fight with cute to mighty monsters in this adventure RPG match 3 puzzle game. Move and match elements of an attribute to make the Dynamons of the same attribute to attack! The more you master the game, the better you get at chaining together epic combos and moves! Pick and choose your own team of Dynamons and evolve them to into strong monsters that help on the battlefield! Will you be the Captain to collect all 261 Dynamons or will you battle your way to the top to become the next Dynamon Legendary Captain?

About Dynamons Evolution

Dynamons is a game that draws inspiration from popular Pokemon. On firing up this game you'll certainly meet old friends, but will also notice new elements. You have completely different creatures, the ability to improve their abilities and the progression of their charges, and of course the clash of trainers.

The gameplay, as in a typical "select three columns" game, consists of matching elements of the same color (and symbol) that command the Dynamons to attack enemies. When we match five or more elements, we can trigger an area attack that deals damage to all enemies.

When we manage to match more than one color at a time, for each additional color we get a Combo Meter that multiplies our damage. There are several color options, for example, healing, stunning or poisonous elements. Our health bar consists of our combined Dynamons life points. Enemies attack according to their counters visible over each enemy.

In later levels it's necessary to aim at certain enemies rather than just cause ordinary damage, because grouped attacks by enemies can erase all our health in one movement. We can combine up to five creatures to fight plus one from our captain friend, but we can collect a lot more. Most creatures have special abilities: active, which can be used after a certain number of turns, and the leader (the first dynamo in the team) and the skills of a buddy - passive skills that are permanent.

In the game we have the "World Tour" mode, in which we visit the map and fight with trainers and their Dynamons.

Sounds good? Of course! Do not hesitate, come and enter this colorful world of trainers, develop your creatures, fight and win to become the best trainer - the next legendary captain of the Dynamons.