My Free Circus

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Take on the job of a ringmaster in the My Free Circus browser game and take on illuminating challenges. Direct your very own circus, thrill your visitors with jaw-dropping shows, and achieve fantastic rewards and extra content. Choose performers and possibly hire them, take care of exotic animals and oversee the everyday world at the circus. Discover the delights of My Free Circus!

About My Free Circus

The circus has begun! And in the end, you can become the director of the circus, all thanks to the possibilities you can explore in this free browser simulation game My Free Circus. Not only can you design your own circus area, which over time will be customised with various stands, with exotic animals you can nurture to contribute towards a real spectacular in the company of talented artists you hire.

In this simulation of the circus you will attract crowds of visitors whose eyes and souls are hungry for a real spectacle. In My Free Circus you will earn a special currency that will allow you to expand your circus and discover new unique options.

With each level acquired - in addition to activating news information - you will receive a number of different prizes, including money, unique items, as well as VIP tickets. This circus game brings together many players from around the world that you'll be able to help, and for this help you will discover cards of friendship.

The circus director will throw you into interesting challenges that allow you to constantly develop your property. These are not mandatory missions, but if you care about the dynamic development of your circus, they may prove extremely helpful.

Remember to meet the wishes of people visiting your circus. Over time, they may want the area to grow, or to feed individual animals in a particular way. These mini-tasks will help you earn VIP tickets, which are the most valuable reward in this browser-based circus management simulation.

Take part in events that will also bring you various awards, such as money, luxury items, or the VIP tickets mentioned above. Being a ringmaster is no easy job, but it's an unforgettable experience with many decisions that bring unexpected rewards, delights and surprises. Just like it can be for your growing audience too.