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Venture to Blue Peaks Valley to assist a young man looking for his long-lost father. Klondike is an early 1900’s farming simulator where hard work and dedication is the means for tasks to get done. Our adventurer receives help from native people along the way on his journey through diverse American lands. You must complete unique quests, harvest crops, and clean the terrain to progress in this soul-searching adventure.

About Klondike

In Klondike, we play the role of a young man who decides to set off on a journey in search of his missing father. At the very beginning of the game you get to the village of Eskimos, who tell you about the location of the treasure, which your father buried. Your main goal is to prepare for the exploration expedition, but the preparation will be very difficult, because the village in which you are located is run-down and badly equipped.

You start in Klondike by entering the game using several dialogues that explain the story of the game, followed by the basic sequence of tutorials designed to teach you the necessary basics. The tutorial is quite concise and covers all the basics in a really brief amount of time, which means it's a good tutorial! When it finishes, you'll get a lot of money to start the journey and set off into the world with Klondike on an epic adventure

The great thing about Klondike is that, unlike many similar games, it also has quite a good story-line. You play the role of a young man whose father went on a trip a few years ago, but he never came back. Now that you are old enough to embark on your own adventure, you begin to feel that your father is alive and well, which means you have to find him at all costs, so you embark on an epic quest to locate and connect with your long-lost father after all these years.

The Klondike gameplay aims to combine the best elements building the city with elements of farming games and definitely performs this task almost perfectly. The gameplay is really fun and addictive, so it can be quite difficult to let go of when you settle into it. There are plenty of things to do in the game, such as plants and crops, animal husbandry, creating structures and sets of different buildings and lots of other things. In Klondike there is a lot of diversity in the form of many different crops, animals and buildings, so you'll find many things that will keep you busy for hours. It's resource management, but it's fun, engaging and educational.

So... get ready, because you will have to get food, use the help at hand, modernize the houses, build workshops for the equipment you'll need and only later in the game will you be able to expand the map area and thus search the surrounding places in search of your father. Do not give up, everything's up to you!