Falling for ‘FALL GUYS: Ultimate Knockout’

Has the next Angry Birds success story arrived?


Chances are, you’ve tried out this little corker, since it’s been offered up as a free online game for PS Plus subscribers. The folk at Sony always adore an addictive multiplayer game, to boost justification for their PS Plus monthly subscription. If you haven’t yet, then you should, or will, since it’s definitely a game with ‘impact.’ It’s also spreading like a good virus to battle Covid blues, and is the winner of the Golden Joystick Awards for Best Multiplayer Games and Best Family Game. 


So what happens in 'Fall Guys - Ultimate Knockout'? Will you - too - succumb to its family-friendly madness?



Go for it!


A whole load of eager players - in the guise of sugary candy-coloured, minion-esque ‘fall guys’ (movie slang for stuntmen)  - must dash to an unseen finish line, surviving whatever hazards lie in their path.


It's a bit like the Candy Crush version of Gladiators on Netflix, although you don’t get to see the full obstacle course in advance. Are you going to rush madly into the mayhem in a bid to muddle through first, or will you hold your horses, linger back and look for an opening?


You’ll be hooked at once, no matter what age group you’re in, since it’s such a universally tempting challenge. That’s why it’s an ideal family game, and perfect for console, couch-based, instant action. It’s also a welcome break from endless shooting and worlds full of unsavoury characters and bloodshed. 


The colours may be a bit too garish on the eyes, and loading times could get quicker, but there’s the crazy variety of each course, and every time a race loads up, you optimistically think you have a hope in hell of not getting knocked out, despite there being so much pitted against you. The chaos is always surprising and at times, hilarious. Each family member will get to laugh at the other, without competing against each other and having arguments. 


This is thanks to how masterfully many an obstacle has been prepared. They allow for a large volume of players to pour through them like customisable sandballs. 


Is this the next Angry Birds? Quite possibly. With downloads rising since the PS Plus offering and a massive Twitter affection, there need only be in-game advertising installed for the money to start knocking on the door for developers Mediatonic.


Will its success endanger, or disfigure, this ‘battle royale’ behemoth’s bid to achieve massive adoption? Hopefully not, if we can be saved from too much distraction or delay during or between game-play.


So better get used to the Fall Guys in Gaming Town and the updates to get a whole lot smarter and more addictive. The mobile app version hasn’t even arrived just yet. 


There’s already been the super-fun medieval-themed Season 2, and there’s now a ton of anticipation for 'Season 3: Winter Knockout' (where it seems, there will be penguins). Better start contemplating a suitable outfit for your Fall Guy. 


Perhaps 'Fall Guys' are just what everybody across the planet needs right now, under lockdown. This time next Christmas we could all be watching the hit movie ‘Minions vs Fall Guys’ and wandering what on earth it is we’re actually watching. 


Who will make the hit song this time?


Check out the trailer, and brace for impact... 



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And stay tuned to more knock-out game treats here at Gaming Impact headquarters, including reports coming from all over town, about 'Fall Guys'. 


Dec 2020