MicroProse returns with 'HighFleet'

Put your commander hat on and get ready to dominate! A legendary game publisher rises out from the ashes of PC gaming history to bring us… HighFleet. It's a surprising and intriguing action-strategy title that sees you behind the controls of a huge sci-fi, galleon-type land vessel. It all feels a bit Dune-ish mixed with Star Wars walkers on planet Hoth, crossed with the steam-punk or diesel-punk art style.


So what is this HighFleet game all about? 


"Battle for survival in the skies of a mysterious future Earth in this unique action-strategy game mixing arcade combat, exploration, management and diplomacy. As giant flying ships wage spectacular aerial warfare, a prophecy tells of one who will save the world – could it be you?"



By the look of the dramatic trailer, it seems to have a high dose of atmosphere for sci-fi fans still waiting for the DUNE movie to ever be released. Let’s hope the strategy or command elements - and story narrative - are woven carefully into the gaming action.


Who are MicroProse?


MicroProse were known for ground-breaking combat simulations when PC games were only in their infancy. By ‘amazing’, I guess we mean they actually brought depth to the casual PC owner desperate to utilise their chunky keyboards as cockpit instruments. By 'depth' we mean these games would arrive with huge, paperback manuals inside their boxes. Sid Meier (of 'Civilisation' fame) was a major contributing - and founding - creative force. There once was: F-19 Flight Simulator and M1 Tank Platoon to name just a couple of classics. 


Some of this beloved legacy will hopefully have rubbed off the re-booted publisher (2019) and the developers responsible for HighFleet, which is coming this summer. Check out the Steam page for HighFleet and put it on your wishlist at once!


Let’s hope Microprose achieves some success, and drives them on to resurrect some of their great backlog of classic simulation titles, bringing them into the future! 


By the looks of it, they're re-vamping things very nicely. Check out more of their upcoming, exciting titles below!

Visit the MicroProse Publisher Steam page
Visit the MicroProse website (sign up to their newsletter)

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