A Shortlist of Infectious Mobile Games to Appease Younger Kids, Fast

Here at Gaming Impact we offer our selected range of free browser-based mini-games (and family games) to play instantly in your browser. However, there are times you need something more tactile to occupy busy young minds. Equipped with the following six mobile apps, you can feel more relaxed that you've got some activities in reserve.


With noise in the house, you don’t want to spend hours trying to find a decent app to stimulate thinking zones, which are good fun to play at the same time. So we’ve made it easy: here are a few, good selections for mobile apps you can go ahead and download straight from your app store.


- Sandballs



You can play this one together with your kid, since it’s just a matter of you both guiding a group of coloured balls downwards where a truck awaits collection of a sufficient number at the bottom. However, in between there be numerous, cheeky obstacles stationed between you and your destination. 


This simple but elegant setup allows for literally tons of level configurations gradually becoming more complex for your unfortunate sandballs to navigate. The game transposes the timeless act of drawing in sand that kids love, and brings it into a never-ending screen-based, puzzle environment. Recommended.


- qBlock



Similar to Tetris, only a bit more creative. Instead of the blocks falling down you get to place them wherever you like, forming and dissolving as many lines as you can. This alteration is more relaxing for kids, who don’t enjoy being rushed. Satisfyingly reproduced in wooden blocks plus wood sound effects. 


- Letra Kids



Why not transpose the sand drawing aspect of Sandballs and apply it to actually learning to write letters, numbers and shapes? Most kids love drawing and letters anyway, but if not, this could at least start promoting this. Letra Kids does the top job of starting the process of learning to write by getting familiar with the shapes of letters and numbers via an app. 


It’s recommended to purchase the full version to remove annoying ads from day one, so you also get the full choice of letters and numbers right from the start. You can even select a different language in the settings if your kid is bilingual and already proficient in their native one.


- Roll the Ball



You might remember the little wooden puzzles where you must slide blocks to make space for one to escape. This game takes inspiration from those, but where one ball must meet up with another one. This sets up literally endless configurations where you must work out the correct route, preferably in as few moves as possible. 


Bitmango has created a classic mobile game, with satisfying sound effects and polished graphics for kids and adults to revisit and progress gradually. The different game modes also offer extra value. 



- Pipe Out - Connect Pipelines



Kids of all ages once again can find the correct routes between points, via 3 game modes: Plumber, Connect and Connect Hex, to provide some variation. The magic of the game is similar to the above app: Each mini-puzzle presents a problem kids will instantly, intuitively be forced to solve as they connect up points in the best way possible within the limits of the grid or hex. 



- Color by Numbers



Don’t overlook the simple joy kids can find by coloring in boxes to make an image, especially when there are so many interesting images to choose from! Here they can associate numbers with colors to see how the black-and-white images can come to life. This particular app does the job, providing an attractive array of free images, with lots more to unlock. Note: Kids seem more interested in the process that in the actual results, so you may not even have to print one out later on.


And before you get downloading, don’t forget to try out our huge range of mini-games, directly playable and free instantly here in your browser. We also have larger, more engrossing browser games for all the family.


Hopefully, this shortlist of well-designed mobile games will also come in handy to bolster your activity ammo and grant you some spare time to think.