'Stray': A video game to finally celebrate... Cats!

Stray will be a game about cats, or the life of one particular cat, so it looks subsequently packed with impact. Cool eh? If you think about it, there just haven’t been any big-budget games to celebrate or really highlight or ‘embody’ this amazing creature - and the adventures they can get themselves into. There have been some games, but not this big in vision. 


Just from a platforming perspective, playing as a cat has a ton of potential gameplay moments. Add to this the sheer dexterity and character, watching them move, cat-fights, climbing, jumping and hunting, traversing human environments… sky’s the limit for a whole franchise!



It all reminds us of an excellent story-book for young (and older) adults called Varjak Paw.


And do we understand them and their full range of behavior? Maybe games can help us with that too, and give future cat-owners some understanding. Or... it might just be mindless fun. With that title, it's sure to be something about finding a way home... 


The developers highlight in the latest update about Stray, (visit the Steam page) that playing as a cat means the usual ‘game limits’ that apply for human characters just don’t apply. Something blocking your path: Jump over it! Cats can do a lot more than we can…


And what about a cat having to traverse a human world, like a forgotten, futuristic city full of character? This adds a ton of fun and mystery to the project, in being able to navigate through a world of humans, avoiding feet and boots and jumping carefully onto a whole gamut of surfaces and units. The danger isn’t just about finding food - and other pets or animals - but avoiding and detecting the possibilities presented by people. A Hitman-style stealth game for cat-lovers? Well, Stray looks to be more about story. 



And... there won’t just be an animal character, but a small, robotic one too, in the shape of... a drone called B12. This should add an extra dimension to the already extra dimension - and sheer fluid experience - of finally getting to play as a cat inside a video game.


Sharpen your claws! Check out the full Playstation blog post on Stray. Let's hope it won't be a stray game, but a good one!


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