Think you can escape 'Palindrome Syndrome'? Think again!

Is playing 'Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room' an escapist's fantasy?


We always have an absorbing selection of free puzzle games and browser games but you should also play 'Palindrome Syndrome, Escape Room', out now on Steam for every PC.


It’s an ingeniously crafted experience you can escape right into playing solo (or even, via video link up, on Zoom with a friend or relative.) 


It’s another game with impact we're highlighting this month: great fun with a 'heady' atmosphere. It’s also a necessary diversion from Covid-19 'Lockdown Syndrome: the Second Wave' which for now, there is no escaping.


What do you have to do? Well, have you ever been on holiday or somewhere and woken up in the middle of the night, not quite knowing where you’re sleeping, or where you were? 


What if you were to wake up on a spaceship with no idea how you got there? What happened? The only way to find out is by exploring the puzzle of your immediate surroundings.  


Will you be able to figure out this mystery, and who you are?



Is the key to solving the mystery something to do with the title of the game? What is a Palindrome?


"a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards, e.g. madam or nurses run."


You may have played 'Escape Room games' in real life, where you have to play with others to find clues and figure out how to escape, or watched TV team game-shows, or... you’ve watched movies like 'Cube' (still on Netflix) and the (much scarier) 'Saw' franchise. 


Normally - in real life - you can rummage around, or use your hands to overturn items or furniture. Such a hands-on, physics-based technique is sadly lacking in 'Palindrome Syndrome'. Players out there with a more intuitive mental set-up will miss this ability, but you’ll just have to scratch your head instead. And you won’t mind. In fact, some of the very positive reviews on Steam say it's better this way. 


The game is still fun, though it will also lead you to think logically for a change. It’s not a long ‘grind’ either, having a one-hour runtime, unless you play with a buddy on Zoom and prolong the experience discussing ideas and making decisions. 


It does balance you close to that ‘frustration line’ at times, but when you cross over and see the light to puzzle-solver’s paradise, the game's brilliance - and yours too - will shine. Sometimes you’ll kick yourself for not seeing the solution sooner. And luckily, no Jigsaw character is involved.


However, the challenge will be worthwhile, and give your brain cells a boost, or casual workout at this strange period in human history we have all woken up to.


It’s playable on your PC as it’s now available on Steam. Go and escape!


Stay tuned for more escapist fantasies at Gaming Impact, between playing our own host of distracting, free mini-games or undertaking any of our Top 20 free-to-play family games and puzzle games too!