Try the Free Demo of Meeple Station!


You really should, for this project is a breath of sweet retro, bitmap-based air into the gaming landscape, and it’s really fun and addictive. It’s also co-operative, with up to 12 people building and overseeing a space-set simulation populated by... Meeples!




The Meeples are little (minion-style) creatures... in space. It seems they’ve been born from similar god-like minds that forged Lemmings, Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld (and a shot of Space Station 13).


Meeples love to work and explore. They may not be the cleverest creatures in the world though, so they will definitely need your help to survive and flourish. They come in various shapes, colours, and sizes, and have each a specific role and job to carry out. There are miners, guards, janitors, technicians…. each job is important, and you’ll have to hire the right one at the right time. The lives of the others will depend on it. Meeples are very fragile and can die, so be extra careful! They can be victims of famine, asphyxia, implosion, explosion, decapitation… or just getting suddenly sucked out of an airlock. Death is an extremely amusing aspect of Meeple Station! You will need to defend your Meeple against all this plus deadly space pirates. At times, you will need to send them forth on dangerous exploration missions. They are your eyes and ears in this quadrant.


To build and increase the size of your station, you’ll need to get some resources with the miners. Once you have enough, build objects which will meet their primary needs, such as beds to sleep, an aquarium to eat fish, plants… Keep an eye on the oxygen level! You will also be able to make trades and buy new characters.



In this game you will basically be managing your own space station. As it grows you will face demands for more complex machinery and electrics. Beware of disasters such as meteor showers, or others challenges that will arise like the Giant Electric Man, the Eating Space Squid!


Travel around the quadrant and visit other stations. The innovation here lies in the co-op experience. You’ll be able to invite a friend to help you manage your operations.


You can download the free demo on the site. While playing it we really enjoyed the wit and humor throughout, as well as the fact that you can pause the game. This is very handy when you want to check where everything is.




Meeples Need You!


At time of writing, it’s still a project in development by Vox Games and is listed on Kickstarter, so you too can get involved with its creation. Support the project and you’ll get early access or to special things like creating your own cheat code, designing some station furniture or your name in the credits.


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Main Features


• Construct your own station: share on Youtube etc!

• Feed, accommodate and sustain a complex crew of Meeple

• Research and unlock new forms of technology

• Explore by sending out probes and moving your station

• Defend against natural disasters, meteors, and Meeple pirates!

• Undertake campaigns for objective goals or play classical mode

• Play any game mode cooperatively with friends!