You thought Halloween was over? Blink again...

...because the release of Halloween Arkanoid 2 has come to Steam! Nearly everyone on the planet since the 1980’s has at some point found themselves addicted to Arkanoid the arcade wonder. Well now the legend is back thanks to Moravia Games. This time, it's ready to descend onto your desktop where the pure art of deflecting a bouncy ball at a load of cunningly arranged bricks has never been so… disruptive. The difference here is the spooky, winter mood plus the haunting skull which is yours to command. Fear not... for it shall perform thy deadly work, which must be done!



Escaping the grip of this game is also not so simple. You’ll find yourself stuck into the raw challenges from over 150 original levels with extra game features like Power Ups such as Grenade Ball, Laser Gun and Multi-balls.  Each level hides them… but only when you’ve cleared enough of the luminous bricks.


Every fifteenth level holds a surprise, because there lurks a demented boss! Each one harbours special powers that correspond to their gruesome nature: blasted bats, freaky ghosts, wicked witches, terrible zombies and… well... let's just say there are... others...



As you progress through this miasma of mirky levels, you’ll discover more about their moody locations (for there are 3 backgrounds to each). These include rumoured realms such as haunted graveyards, vampire castles, lonely farms, and hidden witches covens. All of them may be unearthed to conjure the twisted magic of Halloween as you delve deeper.

This game is a slice of simple, hard-hitting arcade action where the fun is to destroy and survive in rich, gothic style. Reaction time is a factor!


But that's enough rambling, oh fellow, hallowed gaming brethren... Do you dare to be diverted? If so then... download and unlock the secrets of this masterful re-animated retro-romp at once. Yes, please do so... but at your own (mental) risk.


Some say that every day should be Christmas, but that’s only because they’re too scared to confront the dark delights of Halloween every night… just like the legendary Lost Players of Halloween Arkanoid 2. Will you become one of them, or make it out alive?!


Check out the game over on Steam now!