The Best 8 simple & super-fun (free) browser Games to try now!

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or girl)’. So… we've compiled a top list of 8 of the most fun, free browser games you can play swiftly and directly from your browser here in 2019.


Many are single-player wonders but there are some that can be played with your friends or family who might be using their computers, chromebooks, tablets etc. and sitting right next to you.


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Street Skater



Retro-style skateboarding delights but a great dose of addictive action fun nevertheless. You control a hardy skateboarder on a mission to perform cool ollies, kickflips etc for ‘gleaming the cube’. This will enable you to collect coins - if you don’t die first. Dying is a pretty gruesome affair in fact so watch out kids. It’s number one, which means it’s not as good as number 8 on this list, so once you’ve tested Street Skater, make sure you come back here and keep on testing. Boards up!


Controls: Tap the space bar for jumps and aerial tricks. Shift slows you down.


Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox





Linerider is for physics-based gameplay lovers. That’s everybody. You draw a line on a track for boy sledge-rider to follow. You have the freedom to make paths that are easy for him or more tricky ones for.. tricks... and mega jumps of course, but keep the realism or else: it’ll all be over. Just as fast. After you’ve done a drawing, slam-click the play button and check your luck... Ride out!


Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox



Blast Arena



Blast Arena begins in a maze made out of solid stone and metallic-looking squares, next to fellow players. Objective? Plant explosive bombs and crack walls for the items hidden within. Whoever gets the total quantity without finding death is the winner. 


Spacebar = place bomb at tactical location where the blast can crack the most number of stones for reward garnering. It’s worth bearing in mind your rivals will attempt to snatch the fruits of your labours, so... be ready player...


Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox



Sunset Bike Racer



Well bikers and would-be bikers (and normal folk), it’s time to try this little addictive distraction. It also has lots of racing and stunt-making, so it might be the proper game for everyone. In Sunset Bike Racer, you find yourself in control of a dirtbiker maneuvering over challenging terrain while performing daredevil stunts. Crazy? You’d be right.


Controls may be simple - space bar to increase speed, Left/right arrow to perform aerial spins, Shift to boost and Ctrl to brake - but they lead to endless possibilities. One slight delay in braking or an over-zealous stunt means it’s time to eat cake. Dirt cake. Enjoy this tasty game treat. Start your motor.


Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox


Tequila Zombies 3



No. It’s not another cocktail to try, but it’s a game to play at the same time as drinking one. Boredom will never seem so far away until you’ve delved into the action of kicking the living hell out of zombies. Mouse-based clicking frenzies mix elegantly with keyboard movement pressing. Drink up





Slither.io is a welcome throwback from the mobile gaming past. You may giddily recall the Nokia phone snake game from previous decade, so will be quick to catch on to this one. Glowing dots must be eaten since you are a snake and need to grow to escape enemies. You also have the option to customise your snake skin. Play Slither, kill time, have fun, feel good. That’s about it. Engage.



Pocket Tanks



Adjust angle and position of tank = blow up your opponent tank. This strategy is all that need be simply and effectively applied. The other tank can be controlled by anyone else sitting near to you right now as you read this entry number 7. A great little miniature game with moments of distracting fun lining you up in its sights. Roll out!



Deeper into Retro Land...



The retro gamers out there will adore this site which is full of old classics developed for the DOS operating system. Some of these titles were household names in their 80s day and pushed gaming to the max. Some of them cost more than the AAA games of today. Some came in the post with heavy manuals and numerous disks you had to load into your computer. Now here they are, instantly loading: video game fossils to wonder at in all their re-assembled glory, the best of which in our opinion is Prince of Persia and F-19 Stealth Fighter (flight sim).



Hope you enjoyed this stunning list of free browser games. More compilations coming soon to this blog!